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Our repaired hybrid batteries resist vibration damage due to their patented, impact-resistant polypropylene construction. It would be an excellent idea to regularly test the working of your Prius car battery after 3 or more years. You want to be more observant if you take lots of short trips or drive in extreme heat or cold, as these factors impact your battery's life expectancy. Be proactive about the health of your Prius car batteries by taking advantage of our free battery testing and charging services. We offer standard batteries with a 2-Year nationwide free replacement warranty, so you can rest assured that your new investment is protected. We specialize in replacing your old stuff like failed hybrid battery pack at a reasonable cost. The Hybrid Battery repairing and replacement are what we do and you can be sure no one can compete us. Without any argue our collaborators, equipment, and facilities give the advantage to be the best in this highly competitive industry. Your experience with our exceptional services led you to have the best practices, knowing what is good for you and your hybrid car.


We have a clear mindset and provide with the best industry solutions so you can make the best decision for you and your vehicle. With new and upgraded materials, we re-manufacture HV Batteries and can replace your old stuff. This process consists of replacing all of the modules with new modules while re-using the electronics and related hardware that is required and appropriate. This gives you the benefit of having a battery pack that is balanced and matched with the original capacity. With any product, related to your hybrid battery we offer a wide range of solutions in which:

• We provide unlimited mileage warranty

• Your replacement hybrid battery pack includes excellent working with charge controller and relays as a complete package.

• We can provide completely remanufactured and re-engineered hybrid batteries with upgraded materials.


We are not in a race but for sure have set a few unique standards to maintain a distinguished line. Our main expansion objective is to grow into a large network with at least 25 new facilitations centers across the country. Not in a hurry and keeping our focus to be a sustainable business. We will provide a path through our admirable practices and what we do things our customer knows that. With our best efforts, we will be able to have a customized/on-site service. You don’t have to come here for a battery replacement. Stay at home while we do our work.

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